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About The Critter Factory

WE MAKE EVERY CRITTER! So, if you can dream it, we can do it!

Contact us by calling or e-mailing TCFquotes[at] or ripnertcf[at]

Also free to submit a request for a quote by completing the form located here: QUOTE FORM
And then you will be the first to know when we open our commission queue again.

We will now be Closed on Weekends and holidays

All emails received after 6PM EST on Friday will not be answered until the following Monday after 12AM EST

That goes for calls as well. Unless otherwise notified.


The bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.


From Ripner: One of our most recent suits.

From Media: this was a suit I designed the pattern for on an artistic liberty commission. It was a little ornate for my own characters, but I did think it was a fun pattern.


From Media: Here is a right and proper version of Jamie the otter (darker brown). The other otter is none other than Shep (though, we did not make Shep).


Posted by Ripner:

Here is a panda suit we made 2 years ago. It turned out amazingly well.


From Ripner:

Seeing Media and Cyril work on this suit the past couple of weeks has been an eye opening experience. Everything ended up coming out so well, and all of the design ideas ended up being incorporated wonderfully. Was so nice to finally see it on someone for these photos. Now we have to send it off to its owner which a little sad. Have a good life Horned Lion Cat Scaled Thing =^_^=


From Media:

To illustrate a point about how close we can actually get ot creating a character to look like the art, only in 3D, I decided to post this crude, but effective edit.

Though you can a few variations, these are customer requested differences. Such as eye/eye lid shape, and the toonyness of the hand paws. Fundamentally, this is how we like to work.

My style may be important for filling in incongruities, or compromises when creating a costume, but it need not dictate the full shape of the project. I am often asked to work as a vessel, or tool for the commissioner to realize their own ideas in a costume medium.


Posted by Ripner:

Here is a reindeer we made back in December. Such a lively and friendly character.


From Ripner:

Here is a suit from 6 months ago we made of a Red Panda / Dingo hybrid character. It turned out really awesome, the color combination really leaps out at you.


Green and White dragon we just completed.


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